E-Newsletter March 2013

Welcome to our March edition of the BridgeMaster medical newsletter.
This is the first newsletter of the year and we have plenty of new things going

ELA and ProctoLight
light source improvements

In response to comments on the original Genie Mk1 we have
introduced a pull tab system to our ELA and ProctoLight light sources. To
activate them the tab simply needs to be pulled away from the unit. If you wish
to turn the light off again simply replace the tab.

The battery discharge time will be the same as the
previous unit, the only change is that the tab will need to be removed prior to

I will send you a copy of the new Instructions for Use for your
records but these will be included in the packages supplied to you.

BridgeMaster manufacture quality products and failures are rare.
However the few problems we had with the twist and locking system becoming
loose and draining the batteries before use will be overcome with this

Audit Performance 2013

BridgeMaster medical has recently undergone its annual audit for
ISO13485, we are very pleased to confirm that we only had 3 minor
non-conformances and 1 major as it was an ongoing problem from previous audit.

We are happy that we have been successful in this audit to
continue to provide our customers with the best customer service we can.



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