At BridgeMaster medical we aim to bring pioneering designs of medical products from thought to reality. We act as the bridge between the idea, development, manufacture and distribution in a range of disposable medical products.

We are committed to sourcing and developing new, innovative products that can provide a clinical advantage to the end user as well as the patient. The distribution of BridgeMaster medical products has now gone global. Our aim is to offer products that provide a genuine purpose and advantage worldwide. We base the value of our products not on price but on how unique the product is, as well as the quality of the item which is provided.

In general, new BridgeMaster Medical products are based around “Genie”, a unique self-powered light source which produces a shadow free illumination within body cavities. Genie is used in a variety of instruments from amnioscopes to proctoscopes and can be adapted to most instruments that require lighting independent of mains power.