We spend the majority of our time researching and developing new medical devices for distribution through our own and other sales channels both in the UK and Internationally where we use market leaders in the specific countries targeted.

Product solutions specific to you

The majority of new products are suggested by you, our end users, who ask for solutions to specific problems. In general these problems turn out to be common to most areas of a similar discipline and after satisfactory investigation a new product is born. We started originally in Obstetrics for which we are universally known although the introduction of “Genie” has taken us into other areas as well, such as proctology.

Once an idea has been approved, the time between concept and a saleable product can be as long as 3 years and all products carry a CE approval mark. We try to reduce the time between idea and manufacture as much as we can although we never skip on design or quality.

Committed to patient safety

As support to our customers each new product has an animation for operation and use. These are normally available via this website or as requested on a CD ROM.

We welcome comment and constructive feedback as patient safety is in the forefront of our mind.