OmniScope – ELA had a baby!

Due to overwhelming customer demand, BridgeMaster medical has added a smaller amnioscope to its range of Electronic Illuminating Amnioscopes (ELA’s). We’re proud to bring you the new 18mm OmniScope. Omni meaning ‘All’ and Scope meaning ‘Seeing’, therefore ‘All Seeing.

OmniScope operates in exactly the same way as our original 28mm ELA-01 amnioscope and is perfect for those situations where the original ELA was too large. With our patented Genie Light Source®, BridgeMaster medical gives you brightest and safest disposable scopes in the industry.

With its smaller size, the OmniScope is suitable for use in other procedures when illuminated internal examination is required, like smear testing or IUD placement.

Key benefits of the OmniScope:

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Ordering Information


Part Number ELA-02
Quantity 5 units per case
Description Self illuminating 18mm amnioscope
Delivery Usually ex-stock


Part Number ELA-01
Quantity Delivery
Description Electronically Illuminated
Amnioscope, sterile,
single patient use
Delivery Usually ex-stock

Technical Specifications


Product Number: ELA-02

  • Moulded from medical grade ABS, white
  • Tapered insertion length 121.5mm, taper 6°
  • External diameter end width 22.1mm
  • Visualisation diameter 18.0 mm, area 254.3mm
  • Total length of ELA-02: 200.5mm


Product Number: ELA-01

  • Moulded from medical grade ABS, white
  • Tapered insertion length 121.4mm, taper 6°
  • External diameter end width 32.1mm
  • Visualisation diameter 28mm, area 615.8mm
  • Total length of ELA-01: 195.5mm

CE marked
Certified ETO sterilised

Electrical Specifications

  • Patented Genie Light Source®: white LED 5mm diameter, 1200 med @15°
  • EMC: EN60601-1-2:2007
  • IEC: 60601-1-:2012
  • MES to EN 60601-1:1990
  • LED intensity to EN 60825
  • ISO 13485:2012 certified