The heart of our lighted scopes is the patented Genie light Source®. Genie powers our ELA amnioscope, our OmniScope, and our two ProctoLight proctoscopes. Utilising advanced LED (light emitting diode) technology Genie is truly the leading the way in our industry. With its small form factor and up to eight-hour battery life, it’s brilliance shines through.

Clinical Advantages

Some devices utilize LED technologies that can produce enough light to raise concerns for eye safety, particularly when used under enclosed conditions. Fetal scalp blood sampling (FSBS) is one situation where the infant’s eyes may be exposed.

During FSBS there is always a risk that the unborn infant will be lying in a difficult delivery position (e.g. occiput posterior) with their eyes open and exposed to any light source placed within the birth canal. The consequences of exposure to a moderate or high-powered LED light are potentially dangerous because they may cause damage or injury to the eye.

Setting the Standard

BridgeMaster medical is proud that our Genie Light Source®, as contained within our ELA Amnioscope and OmniScope, is certified to IEC 60825-1 Standard (1) - Laser Class 1 and is safe for FSBS sampling.

According to the IEC standard, “A Laser Class 1 is safe under ALL conditions of normal use. This means the maximum permissible exposure (MPE), or that which can cause damage, cannot be exceeded.”

It is highly recommended that all customers check that their current light source meets the IEC-60825 standard.

(1) Safety of Laser products – part1: Equipment classification and requirements. International Electrochemical Commission 2007