ELA is a completely self-illuminating, self-contained Amnioscope which provides a shadow-free light source ready for immediate use straight out of the packet.

ELA contains its very own LED light inside so as soon as you remove the obturator, the light source automatically switches on. When you have finished collecting the sample, you simply replace the obutrator to switch the light off. ELA is for single patient use, but contains adequate light to allow you to take multiple samples. The circuit board and battery can be disposed of independently based on local hospital / surgery protocol.

Using ELA means there is no need for any additional light source or external power. All the light you need is in the ELA which can be operated singlehandedly.

ELA can be purchased in conjunction with the Complete Fetal Blood Sampling Kit.

For more information about our ELA Illuminated Amnioscope, please contact us.

Ordering Information


Part Number ELA-01
Quantity Delivery
Description Electronically Illuminated
Amnioscope, sterile,
single patient use
Delivery Usually ex-stock


Part Number ELA-02
Quantity 5 units per case
Description Self illuminating 18mm amnioscope
Delivery Usually ex-stock

Technical Specifications


Product Number: ELA-01

  • Moulded from medical grade ABS, white
  • Tapered insertion length 121.4mm, taper 6°
  • External diameter end width 32.1mm
  • Visualisation diameter 28mm, area 615.8mm
  • Total length of ELA-01: 195.5mm


Product Number: ELA-02

  • Moulded from medical grade ABS, white
  • Tapered insertion length 121.5mm, taper 6°
  • External diameter end width 22.1mm
  • Visualisation diameter 18.0 mm, area 254.3mm
  • Total length of ELA-02: 200.5mm

CE marked
Certified ETO sterilised

Electrical Specifications

  • Patented Genie Light Source®: white LED 5mm diameter, 1200 med @15°
  • EMC: EN60601-1-2:2007
  • IEC: 60601-1-:2012
  • LED intensity to IEC 62471
  • ISO 13485:2016 certified