We would like to welcome our new product COBRA

COBRA – the complete Haemorrhoid Banding System is the latest addition to BridgeMaster medical Ltd.’s innovative Coloproctology range.  CE marked and supplied clinically clean. The gun is designed to use an automatic cartridge loading system, where the band is not stretched until prior to immediate use and can be used as many times as required for the same procedure. Cobra bands stretch from 3mm to 15mm and back again in under 5 seconds ensuring no loss of elasticity in the band providing effective treatment.

The Cobra is supplied in:

Gun-Box of 25 guns with 2 cartridges per gun

Cartridges – Box of 25 individual cartridges

The Cobra is manufactured from Novadur HD M203FC ABS, white

Medical Grade Plastic

Overall Dimensions of the COBRA: 335 x 225 x 25mm

300mm of PVC tubing in the Cobra guns.

The COBRA has a latex free CE approved ligation band.

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