May 2012 News


Patents received:

BridgeMaster medical are pleased to announce that along with our patent for the People’s
Republic of China we have now been granted one in the US. These primarily
relate to ELA and Genie, which is an integral part of all of our current
product range.

This was issued on 4th March 2012 under patent number: D657057 and if you
would like a copy of the patent certificate please ask and we would be happy to
forward one to you.

This patent grant will help us to now look for additional distribution in the United States
of America, subject to FDA approval.

New Product Developments

With the issue of the patents solved we now have several new products under development
and introductions should be made over the next 12 months or so.

Customer Satisfaction results:

We value all our customer opinions and will continue to provide the most effective
service we can.

The response to the Customer Satisfaction Survey provides us with information to allow us to
help you the best we can. Thank you to those who took the time to complete this

Following the allocation of the results we have  put
together the following aims in order to  improve customer service for you, our

Aim 1: Improve knowledge levels of staff members to ensure
efficient customer service is provided.

We will do this by:

Ensuring staff have knowledge of product information/prices.

And that they are informed of any changes in the company

Aim 2: Take steps to make the size of the packaging more
appropriate to the size of the goods

We have already:

Adjusted both the box sizes and ensure that all empty space
is filled with polystyrene chips and that the goods are held firmly in the

Aim 3: Make sure all Distributors are aware of the returns

We will send out the returns procedure on an annual basis to make sure all
Distributors are aware of how to deal with returns. This procedure was sent out
on 4th April 2012 to all Distributors please let us know if you

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