New Size Cyclopes 24mm Now In Stock

Self-Contained, Self-Illuminating Proctoscope

Since the launch of this product in 2009 this product is increasingly becoming a firm favourite of our Customers and Distributors alike. We are happy to announce we now have two sizes of Cyclopes – the original 28mm CLP-01 and the new 24mm CLP-02.

Cyclopes is a unique proctoscope with its very own internal light source designed to provide a shadow-free environment during rectal examinations. This new andĀ innovative design uses our patented Genieā„¢ light source. Fully self-contained, there is no need for external light sources, attachments or wires.

The tapered front of the obturator allows for gentle insertion into the anal canal. The handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably into your hand and provides full support when manipulating the proctoscope into position. The light module is easily removed and recycled or disposed of depending on local/hospital protocols.

To find out more information please feel free to contact BridgeMaster medical on: 01235 858290 or via

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