Rebranded Product

ProctoLight (Formerly Cyclopes)

BridgeMaster medical have chosen to rebrand this product as the new name: Proctolight clearly describes what the item is and does.

The single-use ProctoLight Self-Illuminated Proctoscope is available to purchase in 2 different sizes 28mm and 24mm. The ProctoLight has an internal light source so it does not require the use of an external machine to provide the light, reducing maintenance costs, potential trip hazards of trailing wires or connection time.

The ProctoLight is ready to use straight from the packet!

The design of this product uses our patented genie light source, which upon removal of the obturator automatically switches the light on and then turns it off once the obturator is replaced.

The tapered front of the obturator allows for gentle insertion into the anal canal. The handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably into your hand and provides full support for the manipulation of the proctoscope into position.

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